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09/04/2013 Google Merchant Centre continues move to Google Shopping by Steve Swallow
Google is set to charge for its Shopping feature in the coming months. Businesses need to decide what they want to do. The new system will be subject to similar rules to Google AdWords.
07/01/2013 Content marketing creates leads 'ready to buy' by Catherine Ferguson
Content marketing has helped a number of businesses boost sales. Engaging with audiences and providing informative content is key.
27/09/2012 Could Twitter be about to enter into the world of ecommerce? by Steve Swallow
Twitter is rumoured to be preparing to enter the world of e-commerce. What could this mean for your business and its sales figures?

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27/02/2014 What's next for WhatsApp after Facebook buyout?
Facebook's multi-billion dollar acquisition of WhatsApp could have significant ramifications for the digital market.
23/12/2013 WSI Thames wishes all of its clients and friends a very happy Christmas
The nativity is the only story of Christmas that really matters. This video expresses it 2013 ways but the story remains the same.
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