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ROK Talk enhances accessibility and usability of websites 21/07/2011 A number of organisations have adopted ROK Global's multi-language text-to-speech conversion and translation technology.

 REL Consultancy improves website usability with translation service 

Thursday, July 21 2011 by Andy Carter

Numerous companies with editable websites are adopting new translation technology to improve their usability and accessibility.

REL Consultancy, Delia Online and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation have adopted ROK Global's multi-language text-to-speech conversion and translation service.

Called ROK Talk, the technology is already licensed to more than 100 local government authorities, police forces and health trusts across the UK. It is designed to enhance website accessibility and usability through converting written text on websites into real-time audible speech in a variety of major languages.

Gavin Swindell, managing director of REL Consultancy, said: "It's important for REL, operating globally with major international clients, for the written text on our website to be easily converted into several languages, audibly, as this dramatically enhances the usability of our website in a highly cost-effective manner."

Jonathan Kendrick, chairman of ROK, explained that the technology being deployed by these firms enhances website usability for people with visual impairments, severe dyslexia and anyone who is unable to read a website if it is not written in their language.

He added: "We believe ROK Talk is a useful business tool for every organisation with a website."

ROK has developed other systems beyond the translation service, including technologies in the evolving mobile and web space. It has designed mass-market Mobile TV, which can be streamed, live and on-demand, over 2.5G as well as 3G and Wi-Fi. In addition, ROK has developed mobile security technologies designed for use by law enforcement agencies.

Recently, the firm announced that its mobile TV is now live with Claro in Chile. It follows the success of its mobile TV subscription services with America Movil Operators in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador.

Mr Kendrick explained that ROK TV technology enables the streaming of live and on-demand TV to more than 150 compatible mobile phones over existing networks.

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