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Take the Time to Understand Your Customer 25/03/2013 Knowing how your customer base consume content is crucial. There is litte point
focusing your brand's attention on content and websites that they do not visit or use.

Understanding customers' needs is imperative

Monday, 25th March 2013, by Andy Carter

No matter how big or small a business is, it ultimately relies on its customers and its ability to continually give people buying goods and services exactly what they want.

One of the ways to do this is through website content and knowing what your target market is  and how they interact with your brand, whether it be through a computer, laptop, smartphone or  tablet, or all of the above.


The multi-tasking customer

In the past, you had a person's undivided attention for the time they were visiting your store,  virtual or brick and mortar, but a lot has changed since then.

According to a study conducted by Microsoft, there are now four multi-screening pathways and  people want to be able to engage and interact with content on their own schedule.

Content Grazing

The is done by around 68 per cent of consumers and most commonly takes the form of reading  two different types of content on separate devices,such as checking email while watching TV,  which is becoming a lot more common.

Investigative Spider-Webbing

This consists of consumers using multiple devices to find out information about a specific topic,  such as watching sport or a film on TV and finding out about the teams playing or the actors in  the movie.

Social Spider-Webbing

This is engaged in by 39 per cent of consumers, according to Microsoft, and the focus is on  social networks and sharing content across devices,such as telling people about the films you  have watched.

Quantum Journey

This is the most efficient way of consuming contentand it involves the use of two screens to  complete a specific task, such as using a smartphone to take a picture of a product and then  looking it up on a tablet or laptop.

Website Solutions

How does this affect you?

As a small business trying to market yourself to the typical consumer, it is important to be aware  of the habits of your target audience and make sureyou stick to the principles of content  marketing.

Deliver unique, engaging and interactive content regularly and remember to appeal to mobile  devices.


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