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Google moves to combat browser hackers 15/06/2010 Skipfish launch shows Google's commitment to web users (Kate Billinghurst)

Hackers and scammers seen as a threat by Google - image of flowing water

Vandalism and Crime on the Web continues to Require Constant Attention 

A new product has been launched by Google entitled Skipfish, which marks a foray into security software for the internet giant.

The high-speed application can handle up to 2,000 requests per second, the company claims, which is down to the efficiency of its coding.

Ram Herkanaidu, a security researcher for Kaspersky Labs, believes the new product says a lot about Google.

He commented: "It demonstrates that they are trying to be a responsible company and offer security apps along with all their other offerings. 

"Also as a leading player on the internet it is in their interest to encourage developers to build securely."

As Skipfish product is open-sourced, it means that other developers will be able to make the most of it and build upon its framework, Mr Herkanaidu identified.

Fraudsters and scammers have now turned their attention to internet browsers, which is likely to have spurred Google on o make this latest move, he suggested, as current trends show the exploitation of applications is rising.

"We will still see operating system and browser attacks but we expect the trend of increasing attacks targeted at web applications to continue," the expert highlighted.

Source: Google



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